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Question: How many rooms does Woodstar Beach House have?

Answer: Woodstar Beach House is meticulously designed for comfort and luxury. The property features:

  • Three bedrooms equipped with king-size beds
  • A bunk bedroom with four twin beds
  • Five full bathrooms
  • Two outdoor showers
  • Two integrated kitchen-living spaces
  • A dedicated storage room for beach and snorkel gear

For a more detailed view, refer to the floor plan available in the gallery section of our website.

Question: What are the bedroom configurations and do you accommodate children?

Answer: Woodstar Beach House offers three bedrooms with king-size beds and a bunk bedroom featuring four twin beds. For a detailed layout, you can find a floor plan in the pictures section of our website. Additionally, we're well-equipped to host families with young children, offering all the necessary gear for your convenience.

Question: Are there dining options near Woodstar Beach House?

Answer: Absolutely! 

While the island's layout means a brief ride to most dining destinations, it's well worth it. We highly recommend Blu, which is conveniently close to Woodstar Beach House, and 23 Degree North for an exceptional dining experience. 

Additionally, private chefs are a popular choice among our guests for a personalized culinary journey.

Question: Can the property accommodate more than 10 guests?

Answer: Yes, Woodstar Beach House can comfortably accommodate up to 11 guests, including children. We have 10 regular beds and additional baby gear. However, we do not allow large party crowds exceeding this number.

Question: What are the facilities available for children?

Answer: We offer a variety of children's gear, including a baby bed, a pack 'n play, and high chairs to ensure your family's comfort.

Question: Can I check for availability for specific dates?

Answer: Certainly. If you want to confirm availability for specific dates, we recommend reaching out to us. However, do note that early arrivals may be tricky if there are guests checking out on the same day.

Question: What can I do if I arrive early?

Answer: If early check-in is not possible due to other bookings, we can arrange for a beach picnic to entertain you while the property is being prepared.

Question: Which booking platform should I use?

Answer: We prefer that guests book directly through our website for the most straightforward and efficient reservation process.

Question: Is the swimming pool safe for children?

Answer: Our pool is not fenced. We recommend swimming vests or suits for young children for safety. You are welcome to bring your own life jackets as well.

Question: Is it safe to go out at night for drinks in the area around Woodstar Beach House / Little Exuma?

Answer: Rest assured, Exuma is known as a 'family island' and boasts an extremely low crime rate. In fact, it's so safe that residents often leave their houses and cars unlocked. Additionally, the area is a popular storage spot for sailors due to its reputation for safety. While the island doesn't have an abundance of bars, going out for a drink at night is generally considered very safe. The close-knit community where everyone knows everyone contributes to the overall sense of security.

Question: How can we reach Woodstar Beach House?

Question: What's the distance from the airport?

Appr. 45 minutes, 22 miles, 35 kilometers.

By the way: drive on the left side in The Bahamas 

Not really familiar for non-british drivers but doable

Question: Distances

  • George Town: 12 miles; 19 km
  • Airport: 22 miles; 35 km
  • Smitty’s pharmacy: 14 miles; 22 km
  • Smitty’s wine store: 14 miles; 22 km
  • Golf/Sandals: 25 miles; 40 km
  • Santanas: 6 miles; 10 km
  • Blu: 5 miles; 8 km
  • 23˚North: 25 miles; 40 km
  • Coco Plum bistro: 25,5 miles; 41 km
  • Brown’s marine: 7,5 miles; 12 km

Question: Distance from grocery and liquor stores?

Georgetown is 12 miles or 30 minutes with supermarket and liquor stores, the best wine selection has Smitty’s close to Hoopers bay and that is 14 miles from Woodstar Beach House. A basic convenience store is in The Ferry - 1 mile away that has basic liquors and basic food items with not regular opening hours but you also can call +1 (242) 345-4122

Question: Are there restaurants close by?

Where can we rent a boat?

Fishing / Boat captains

  • Theo: +1 (242) 524-1319 - www.toursrusexuma.com
  • Antonio: +1 (242) 357-0136
  • Reno Rolle: +1 (242) 345-5014 - bonefishreno@yahoo.com

Do we have to rent a car?

We highly recommend to rent a car, there is no public transportation on Exuma, you have to call:

  • Taxi: +1 (242) 524-8287
  • Thompsons cart rental: +1 (242) 345-0058
  • Theo’s car rental: +1 (242) 524-1319

Who are private chefs we can book?

  • Chef Keva: +1 (242) 805-8423
  • Chef Anne: +1 (242) 357-0551
  • Chef Khristont: +1 (242) 345-4100
  • Chef Shawn: +1 (242) 558-8287
  • And if you want to spoil yourself with an unforgettable picknick at the. Beach: www.odysseypicnics.com